Re: Pluggable Storage - Andres's take

From: Andres Freund <andres(at)anarazel(dot)de>
To: Heikki Linnakangas <hlinnaka(at)iki(dot)fi>
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Subject: Re: Pluggable Storage - Andres's take
Date: 2019-03-11 19:37:46
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On 2019-03-08 19:13:10 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> Changes:
> - I've added comments to all the callbacks in the first commit / the
> scan commit
> - I've renamed table_gimmegimmeslot to table_slot_create
> - I've made the callbacks and their wrappers more consistently named
> - I've added asserts for necessary callbacks in scan commit
> - Lots of smaller cleanup
> - Added a commit message
> While 0001 is pretty bulky, the interesting bits concentrate on a
> comparatively small area. I'd appreciate if somebody could give the
> comments added in tableam.h a read (both on callbacks, and their
> wrappers, as they have different audiences). It'd make sense to first
> read the commit message, to understand the goal (and I'd obviously also
> appreciate suggestions for improvements there as well).
> I'm pretty happy with the current state of the scan patch. I plan to do
> two more passes through it (formatting, comment polishing, etc. I don't
> know of any functional changes needed), and then commit it, lest
> somebody objects.

Here's a further polished version. Pretty boring changes:
- newlines
- put tableam.h into the correct place
- a few comment improvements, including typos
- changed reorderqueue_push() to accept the slot. That avoids an
unnecessary heap_copytuple() in some cases

No meaningful changes in later patches.


Andres Freund

Attachment Content-Type Size
v19-0001-tableam-Add-and-use-scan-APIs.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 56.3 KB
v19-0002-tableam-Only-allow-heap-in-a-number-of-contrib-m.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 1.3 KB
v19-0003-tableam-Add-insert-delete-update-lock_tuple.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 20.6 KB
v19-0004-tableam-Add-fetch_row_version.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 3.7 KB
v19-0005-tableam-Add-use-tableam_fetch_follow_check.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 1.4 KB
v19-0006-tableam-Add-table_get_latest_tid.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 1.7 KB
v19-0007-tableam-multi_insert-and-slotify-COPY.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 6.6 KB
v19-0008-tableam-finish_bulk_insert.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 1.8 KB
v19-0009-tableam-slotify-CREATE-TABLE-AS-and-CREATE-MATER.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 1.5 KB
v19-0010-tableam-index-builds.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 16.1 KB
v19-0011-tableam-relation-creation-VACUUM-FULL-CLUSTER-SE.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 15.4 KB
v19-0012-tableam-VACUUM-and-ANALYZE.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 5.4 KB
v19-0013-tableam-planner-size-estimation.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 3.9 KB
v19-0014-tableam-Sample-Scan-Support.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 7.2 KB
v19-0015-tableam-bitmap-heap-scan.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 5.0 KB
v19-0016-WIP-Move-xid-horizon-computation-for-page-level-.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 6.2 KB
v19-0017-tableam-Add-function-to-determine-newest-xid-amo.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 1.2 KB
v19-0018-tableam-Fetch-tuples-for-triggers-EPQ-using-a-pr.patch.gz application/x-patch-gzip 2.3 KB

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