Re: Re: In-core regression tests for replication, cascading, archiving, PITR, etc.

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Subject: Re: Re: In-core regression tests for replication, cascading, archiving, PITR, etc.
Date: 2015-11-27 22:53:10
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Michael Paquier wrote:

> The result of a couple of hours of hacking is attached:
> - 0001 is the refactoring adding PostgresNode and RecursiveCopy. I have
> also found that it is quite advantageous to move some of the routines that
> are synonyms of system() and the stuff used for logging into another
> low-level library that PostgresNode depends on, that I called TestBase in
> this patch. This way, all the infrastructure depends on the same logging
> management. Existing tests have been refactored to fit into the new code,
> and this leads to a couple of simplifications particularly in pg_rewind
> tests because there is no more need to have there routines for environment
> cleanup and logging. I have done tests on OSX and Windows using it and
> tests are passing. I have as well tested that ssl tests were working.

Here's another version of this. I changed the packages a bit more. For
starters, I moved the routines around a bit; some of your choices seemed
more about keeping stuff where it was originally rather than moving it
to where it made sense. These are the routines in each module:

TestBase: system_or_bail system_log run_log slurp_dir slurp_file

TestLib: get_new_node teardown_node psql poll_query_until command_ok
command_fails command_exit_is program_help_ok program_version_ok
program_options_handling_ok command_like issues_sql_like

I tried to get rid of teardown_node by having a DESTROY method for
PostgresNode; that method would call "pg_ctl stop -m immediate". That
would have been much cleaner. However, when a test fails this doesn't
work sanely because the END block for File::Temp runs earlier than that
DESTROY block, which means the datadir is already gone by the time
pg_ctl stop runs, so the node stop doesn't work at all. (Perhaps we
could fix this by noting postmaster's PID at start time, and then
sending a signal directly instead of relying on pg_ctl).

I moved all the initialization code (deleting stuff from environment,
detecting Windows, opening SimpleTie filedescs etc) into BEGIN blocks,
which run earlier than any other code.

I perltidy'ed PostgresNode (and all the other files actually), to have
the style match the rest of our code. I also updated some code to be
more Perlish.

I added a lot of error checking in RecursiveCopy.

You had a "cat" call somewhere, which I replaced with slurp_file.

I considered updating RewindTest so that it didn't have to export the
node global variables, but decided not to, not because of the huge code
churn for the t/*.pl files but because of the problem with the DESTROY
method above: it didn't actually buy anything.

Hmm. I just noticed RewindTest sets $ENV{PGDATABASE} outside BEGIN. Not
sure what to think of that. Could instead pass the database name in
$node->getConnStr() calls, like run_pg_rewind() is already doing.

I tried all the t/ tests we have and all of them pass for me. If I'm
able, I will push this on my Sunday late evening, so that I can fix
whatever gets red on Monday first thing ...

Álvaro Herrera
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, Remote DBA, Training & Services

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