Re: Fix for 8.3 MSVC locale (Was [HACKERS] NLS on MSVC strikes back!)

From: Bruce Momjian <bruce(at)momjian(dot)us>
To: Gevik Babakhani <pgdev(at)xs4all(dot)nl>
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Subject: Re: Fix for 8.3 MSVC locale (Was [HACKERS] NLS on MSVC strikes back!)
Date: 2008-03-23 00:13:16
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Added to Win32 TODO:

o Fix MSVC NLS support, like for to_char()


Gevik Babakhani wrote:
> Hereby a patch that fixes NLS support on PG 8.3 compiled with MSVC.
> There problem:
> NLS support does not work on PG 8.3 compiled with MSVC.
> I encountered this bug when I was trying to show localized months and days
> using TO_CHAR.
> The main reason for this problem is because Gettext on Windows does not
> respond to LC_MESSAGES environment variable. Changing this variable should
> trigger Gettext to load a different messages catalog which unfortunately
> does not work on Windows. Gettext uses the locale of the current thread in
> execution to determine which message catalog should be loaded.
> This is all discussed in:
> How it is fixed:
> Changing the LC_MESSAGES is done in pg_locale.c::pg_perm_setlocale(int
> category, const char *locale).
> In order to force Gettext to load a messages catalog we have to call
> WIN32API::SetThreadLocale(unsigned long locale_id)
> (You probably see it coming)
> Our input parameter for locale in pg_perm_setlocale is a string and there is
> no unified way in Windows to translate a locale string to a locale_id for
> SetThreadLocale to use. Therefore we will use a static table of values to
> anticipate the locale name:
> pg_win32_locale_database::{0x041b,{"sk","sk-SK","sk_SK","Slovak_Slovakia"}}
> Given any of "sk","sk-SK","sk_SK".... the 0x041b is returned for
> SetThreadLocale as input parameter.
> (We are not quite done yet)
> Gettext, internally uses a hack to force itself to reload. This hidden
> feature is also explained in GetText docs. By incrementing a Gettext
> internal variable (_nl_msg_cat_cntr) we force Gettext to reload on the next
> Tests:
> - Tested on Win XP MSVC (VC++ 8.0)
> - Just a routine "make check" test on my Linux box
> - MINGW is not tested. (I do not have the installation)
> Fix notes:
> - Gettext behaves oddly when the env. variable LANGUAGE is set before
> starting PG
> - The locale names in the static table are case sensitive. 'nl_NL' !=
> 'NL_NL'
> - At this moment I only have included locale names we actually support in PG
> installation.
> - Where are the JP locale .po and .mo files? These are not in sources!
> - Even though there are 20+ locales in PG installation, does not mean those
> are complete. Try TMMonth,TMDay on "nl_NL". You will get English names :)
> (My fault, hee hee, I haven't completed nl.po translations yet.)
> - Provide/complete the day and month names for all supported locales.
> - Create docs for supported locale names on Windows. (Values of the static
> table)
> Regards,
> Gevik Babakhani
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