Re: Why so slow?

From: Andreas Kretschmer <akretschmer(at)spamfence(dot)net>
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Subject: Re: Why so slow?
Date: 2006-04-27 18:28:23
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Bealach-na Bo <bealach_na_bo(at)hotmail(dot)com> schrieb:
> The node table is tiny (2500 records). What I'm pulling my hair out
> over is that ANY Query, even something as simple as select count(*)
> form job_log takes of the order of tens of minutes to complete. Just
> now I'm trying to run an explain analyze on the above query, but so
> far, it's taken 35min! with no result and there is a postgres process at
> the top of top
> What am I doing wrong??

The 'explain analyse' don't return a result, but it returns the query
plan and importance details, how PG works.

That's why you should paste the query and the 'explain analyse' -
output. This is very important.

Anyway, do you periodical vacuum your DB? My guess: no, and that's why
you have many dead rows.

20:26 < akretschmer|home> ??vacuum
20:26 < rtfm_please> For information about vacuum
20:26 < rtfm_please> see
20:26 < rtfm_please> or
20:26 < rtfm_please> or

20:27 < akretschmer|home> ??explain
20:27 < rtfm_please> For information about explain
20:27 < rtfm_please> see
20:27 < rtfm_please> or
20:27 < rtfm_please> or

Read this links for more informations about vacuum and explain.

HTH, Andreas
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