== PostgreSQL Weekly News - October 09 2005 ==

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Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - October 09 2005 ==
Date: 2005-10-10 05:17:01
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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - October 09 2005 ==

Bugfix releases 8.0.4, 7.4.9 and 7.3.11 are out. Upgrade as soon as
possible. Note that 7.2 was not upgraded, and will no longer be
supported by the community soon.

There was a long discussion regarding speeding up external sorts
(query sorts, merge joins and index creation which spills to disk).
The discussion ranged over quite a number of options, including new
sort algorithms, micro-optimzation, sort memory allocation and I/O
optimizations. Tom Lane and Simon Riggs have put together an
instrumentation patch with a new "developer" GUC variable: trace_sort
option to help with measuring resource usage of external sort
operations. Please test if you know how.

Please fill out this survey: where do you get your PostgreSQL?

Work on backend translations is in progress for 8.1. If you can help
with translations, please see the Translations Project:

The press release and PR materials for the 8.1 release are being drafted.
Please see the pgsql-advocacy mailing list if you're willing to help with
this. Translators will be needed for this as well in about one week.

== PostgreSQL Product News ==

Christopher Kings-Lynne is looking for help with testing the upcoming
phpPgAdmin 4.0. Please email him at chriskl(at)users(dot)sf(dot)net if

Veil is a database security add-on for Postgres. It allows databases
to be created with efficient row-level access controls: different
users can access different subsets of data.

Rekall 2.4.0 released

== PostgreSQL in the News ==

Josh Berkus, Peter Eisentraut and Gavin Sherry will be presenting at

Linux-Info-Tag Dresden 2005

Planet PostgreSQL: http://www.planetpostgresql.org/

General Bits: http://www.varlena.com/GeneralBits/
Birthdays by To_char() and Table Restoration by Sed Trickery.

PostgreSQL Weekly News is brought to you this week by David Fetter
Josh Berkus, Darcy Buskermolen, Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum and Robert

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