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Re: Can't connect after restart

From: Audrey Bergeron-Morin <audreybmorin2(at)yahoo(dot)com>
To: Magnus Hagander <mha(at)sollentuna(dot)net>,pgsql-hackers-win32(at)postgresql(dot)org
Subject: Re: Can't connect after restart
Date: 2005-07-28 15:46:14
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Lists: pgsql-hackers-win32

One question before we start, I want to make sure
we're set up correctly.

The service is running on an account intra_rpm_bd that
was created especially for it (with no Admin rights,
of course). The "postgres" account we talk about is
for pgSQL itself, right? The postmaster and postgres
services are started from the intra_rpm_bd account, is
that right? This is the way it was set up by our
developer, and fiddling with the various accounts has
always confused me immensely. Just want to make sure
our setup is okay.

I'm starting to wonder if our developer wasn't right
about it being a problem with permissions... Still
doesn't make sense to me that it would work fine until
reboot if that's the problem though...

> Could be something aobut the firewall that doesn't 
> trigger until a reboot. But yeah, it seems a bit 
> far-fetched.

If you think there's even a small chance it might be a
firewall issue, I'll ask around if we don't find the
answer... but if it's a firewall issue, we'll have a
really hard time fixing things, since we can't play
with the firewall... we'll have to find a way of going
around it.

>> If I shut down the service, then try to start it 
>> up again, sometimes it simply refuses to start 
>> again (bad user/pwd). I have to input the password 
>> again to get it to start. Seems like it's not 
>> remembering the info.

> You're saying the service control manager complains 
> about a bad password? That's interesting. It's not 
> a postgresql thing, but it can certainly cause 
> problems. I havne't heard of this happening. I've 
> heard of problems with the account losing the right 
> to log in as a service because of a group policy. 
> But tha certainly wouldn't be fixed by you putting 
> the password back in.
> That said, if you're in a domain environment, I'd
> check if there are any group policy settings tha 
> tmight affect it anyway.

Actually, I think it "loses" the password when I try
to start through the Windows Start menu shortcut. It's
happened a few times, and I haven't been able to
reproduce the problem so far when starting/stopping
the service directly through Windows Service manager. 

We asked, the account isn't part of any group (except
the "User" group, obviously, or so they say), so there
shouldn't be any group policy in effect (I can ask for
any restriction on the "User" group but it wouldn't
make sense). It might be that it loses the right to
log in as a service, because when I put login/password
back in it gives the message "has been granted
right... service..." etc., but then why would it give
me the "bad user/pwd" error? 

We are in a domain environment. Is there a way I can
check if a domain setting is causing problems without
trying to get hold of the technician ?(It can take a
few days...)(everything's centralized and I can't play
with things myself)

In any case, that doesn't change the fact that I can't
connect to the DB. Even when I restart the service
after having logged in again, it's still not right.

>> The answer to that is, apparently, no, because I 
>> can't telnet 5432...

> Right.
> Does the output of "netstat -an" show anything for 
> 5432?

No, it's not showing up at all.

> Which of the following processes, and how many, do 
> you get running when you start up the service: 
> pg_ctl.exe, postmaster.exe, postgres.exe?

pg_ctl.exe once; postmaster.exe once; postgres.exe
four times 

> If you get a postmaster.exe, can you attach to it 
> with process explorer from, and 
> see what you have on the TCP/IP tab?

I downloaded it and looked at postmaster.exe but...
TCP/IP tab? Where can I find that? Handle or DLL view,
and where?

> Finally, try using runas to get a commandprompt 
> running as the service account
> (runas /user:postgres cmd.exe), and start the 
> database manually from there (pg_ctl -D <data 
> directory> start), and see if that shows up
> any other messags.

Weird, the cmd window shuts down immediately after I
input the pwd. I tried running runas from a command
prompt and the msg I got is bad user/pwd.

Thank you for all your help.


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