== PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 15th 2003 ==

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Subject: == PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 15th 2003 ==
Date: 2003-12-15 22:26:28
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== PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 15 2003 ==

Well, holidays are coming and going which will probably be a least a little
disruptive to development the next few weeks. Case in point; the holding off
of the 7.4.1 release in order to get schedules better worked out. (And yes,
I'm ignoring the little elves who keep whispering about open bugs on the 7.4
branch). So with that news I might as well update you on some of the items
that were dealt with this past week: A bug with whole row references being
broken in subqueries and functions was fixed, and another bug dealing with
the inheritance_planner was fixed, thanks to Chris Piker for the report. The
pg_autovacuum feature saw a couple more issues roll in and get fixed as well,
including one where an fflush() was needed before sleeping. The JDBC driver
also received it's fair share of updates including an update to make
PSQLState serializable (Kris Jurka), a patch for handling unique foreign keys
(Jurka), enhanced metadata encoding (Jurka), a fix for empty binary stream
failure (Jurka), fixes to build properly under jdk 1.1 (R Scranton), a fix
for casting pooled connections to PGStatement (JariP), a fix for canceled row
updates setting values to NULL (Jurka), a missing SQLState was added (P
Higgans), and a patch to allow the server end port to be specified when
running regression tests was added (Jurka). Thanks for everyone who has
submitted patches and bug reports on 7.4 so far.

So on to 7.5 then eh? There was nothing too exciting this week, but still a
good amount of little enhancements. One of the more important ones was the
revival of Neil Conways buffer management cleanup patch to work with the
changes Jan Wieck recently made. This patch replace several marcos with
functions, got rid of some crufty #fdefs, removed some other unneeded code,
and spruced up the in-line comments on the code. We also received a few more
documentation updates, including improvements for the Create Operator syntax,
SSL documentation, and server maintenance information. Otherwise there was
some spirited discussion on the revival of the pg_upgrade program, which
would allow for in place upgrades for future releases.

One last note, thanks go out to Pavel Stehule who translated the FAQ to Czech
for us. As always we keep a copy of all our FAQ's on the main website at

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== Upcoming Events ==

Linux.Conf.Au: Adelaide, Australia: January 12-17
BOF and Tutorials presented by Gavin Sherry

NordU Usenix 2004: Denmark: January 28 - February 1
Bruce Momjian will be giving PostgreSQL several tutorials

Linux Solutions 2004: Paris, France: February 4-6
Bruce Momjian will be presenting

== PostgreSQL Weekly News - December 15th 2003 ==
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