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Open 7.1 items

From: Bruce Momjian <pgman(at)candle(dot)pha(dot)pa(dot)us>
To: PostgreSQL-documentation <pgsql-docs(at)postgresql(dot)org>, PostgreSQL-development <pgsql-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: Open 7.1 items
Date: 2001-02-09 17:26:19
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Attached is a list of open source code and documentation items for 7.1. 
If people can just confirm completed items, I will remove them right
away.  The current version of this file can be seen at:


                              P O S T G R E S Q L

                         7 . 1  O P E N    I T E M S

Source Code Changes
ODBC not disconnecting properly?
Merge MySQL/PgSQL translation scripts
Fix ipcclean on Linux

Documentation Changes
Fix PL/perl (Alex Kapranoff)
Function manager overhaul (Tom)
JDBC improvements (Peter, Travis Bauer, Christopher Cain, William Webber,
Grand Unified Configuration scheme/GUC.  Many options can now be set in 
    data/postgresql.conf, postmaster/postgres flags, or SET commands (Peter E)
Overhaul initdb process (Tom, Peter E)
Overhaul of inherited tables; inherited tables now accessed by default;
   new ONLY keyword prevents it (Chris Bitmead, Tom)
ODBC cleanups/improvements (Nick Gorham, Stephan Szabo, Zoltan Kovacs, 
    Michael Fork)
Overhaul pg_dump (Philip Warner)
New pg_dump tar output option (Philip)
New pg_dump of large objects  (Philip)
New pg_restore command (Philip)
Allow pg_hba.conf secondary password file to specify only username (Peter E)
Add WITHOUT TIME ZONE type qualifier (Thomas)
New VARIANCE and STDDEV() aggregates
New ESCAPE option to LIKE (Thomas)
New case-insensitive LIKE - ILIKE (Thomas)
Allow SQL functions to be used in more contexts (Tom)
New pg_config utility (Peter E)
New PL/pgSQL EXECUTE command which allows dynamic SQL and utility statements
New PL/pgSQL GET DIAGNOSTICS statement for SPI value access (Jan)
New quote_identifiers() and quote_literal() functions (Jan)
New ALTER TABLE table OWNER TO user command (Mark Hollomon)
Allow subselects in FROM, i.e. FROM (SELECT ...) [AS] alias (Tom)
Store tables as files named by OID (Vadim)
New SQL function setval(seq,val,bool) for use in pg_dump (Philip)
New pg_service.conf file (Mario Weilguni)
New pg_dumpall --globals-only option (Peter E)
New CHECKPOINT command for WAL which creates new WAL log file (Vadim)
New AT TIME ZONE syntax (Thomas)
Allow location of Unix domain socket to be configurable (David J. MacKenzie)
Allow postmaster to listen on a specific IP address (David J. MacKenzie)
Allow socket path name to be specified in hostname by using leading slash
    (David J. MacKenzie)
Allow CREATE DATABASE to specify template database (Tom)
New pg_dump --globals-only option (Peter E)
New /contrib/rserv replication toolkit (Vadim)
New file format for COPY BINARY (Tom)
New /contrib/oid2name to map numeric files to table names (B Palmer)
Allow BIGINT as synonym for INT8 (Peter E)
New BIT and BIT VARYING types (Adriaan Joubert, Tom, Peter E)
Fix CIDR output formatting (Tom)
New CIDR abbrev() function (Tom)
Write-Ahead Log (WAL) to provide crash recovery with less performance 
    overhead (Vadim)
Store all large objects in a single table (Denis Perchine, Tom)
New function manager call conventions (Tom)
New configure --enable-syslog option (Peter E)
configure script moved to top level, not /src (Peter E)
New configure --with-python option (Peter E)
New OpenSSL configuration option (Magnus, Peter E)
Remove colon and semi-colon operators (Thomas)
New pg_class.relkind value for views (Mark Hollomon)
Rename ichar() to chr() (Karel)
Moved macmanuf to /contrib (Larry Rosenman)
New template0 database that contains no user additions (Tom)
Allow *BSD's libedit instead of readline (Peter)

  Bruce Momjian                        |
  pgman(at)candle(dot)pha(dot)pa(dot)us               |  (610) 853-3000
  +  If your life is a hard drive,     |  830 Blythe Avenue
  +  Christ can be your backup.        |  Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 19026


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