Re: Ignored PostgreSQL SET command

From: "Oliver Elphick" <olly(at)lfix(dot)co(dot)uk>
To: "Patrick Dunford" <pdunford(dot)webs(at)clear(dot)net(dot)nz>
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Subject: Re: Ignored PostgreSQL SET command
Date: 2001-01-02 07:59:26
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"Patrick Dunford" wrote:
>I have a line in a PHP script that looks like this:
> $set=pg_exec($dbconn, "SET DATESTYLE TO 'European'"); //Set date format
>Since my ISP updated their server, this appears to be ignored as pgsql
>always returns dates in ISO format.
>1. What is the default format of dates returned that I can ALWAYS rely on?

>From release 7, the default format is ISO: yyyy-mm-dd

>2. Why is the command ignored?

European has no meaning with the ISO datestyle.

To get normal European dates, do this SET command:

SET DATESTYLE TO 'Postgres,European'

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