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Re: [GENERAL] Postgres Future: Postgres on Digital Alpha

From: Rodney McDuff <ccmcduff(at)its(dot)uq(dot)edu(dot)au>
To: pgsql-general(at)postgreSQL(dot)org
Subject: Re: [GENERAL] Postgres Future: Postgres on Digital Alpha
Date: 1999-02-23 00:42:27
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Lists: pgsql-generalpgsql-hackers
Hi  Adriaan
	I've recently compiled postgresql 6.4.2 of a dec alpha (running DU4.0D)
I set the follow environment variables
setenv CC cc
setenv CFLAGS "-O4 -std"
setenv CPPFLAGS "-I/usr/local/include"
setenv LDFLAGS "-L/usr/local/lib"
setenv LIBS ""

created a Makefile.custom in the source directory with contents

Add the following to Makefile.shlib (you may hae to change a few things here)
ifeq ($(PORTNAME), alpha)
  install-shlib-dep     := install-shlib
  shlib := lib$(NAME)$(DLSUFFIX)
  LDFLAGS_SL := -shared -msym -s  -rpath /usr/local/pgsql/lib -check_registry 
/usr/shlib/so_locations -check_registry /usr/local/lib/so_location 
-update_registry /usr/local/lib/so_locations

and ran 
./configure  --with-template=alpha

If you want the plpgsql stuff then go into src/pl/plpgsql/src and relink without the "-L../../../interfaces/libpq -lpq"

The reression tests in src/test/regress mostly work. Below is a summary of 
this with my own annotation as to why some of the failure were ok. (I'll also 
attach the regression.diff file if anyone want to know)

boolean ..  		ok
char ..  		ok
name ..  		ok
varchar ..  		ok
text ..  		ok
strings ..  		ok
int2 ..  		failed	ok	(diff error message)
int4 ..  		failed	ok	(diff error message)
int8 ..  		failed 	failed	(failed big time:)
oid ..  		ok
float4 ..  		ok
float8 ..  		failed 	ok	(diff error message)
numerology ..  		ok
point ..  		ok
lseg ..  		ok
box ..  		ok
path ..  		ok
polygon ..  		ok
circle ..  		ok
geometry ..  		failed 	ok	(precision is last digits in some results)
timespan ..  		ok
datetime ..  		ok
reltime ..  		ok
abstime ..  		failed	ok	(diff timezone to expected) 
tinterval ..  		failed	ok	(diff timezone to expected) 
horology ..  		failed	ok	(diff timezone to expected) 
inet ..  		failed	failed
comments ..  		ok
opr_sanity ..  		failed	ok 	(added soundex module before test)
create_function_1 ..  	ok
create_type ..  	ok
create_table ..  	ok
create_function_2 ..  	ok
constraints ..  	ok
triggers ..  		ok
copy ..  		ok
create_misc ..  	ok
create_aggregate ..  	ok
create_operator ..  	ok
create_view ..  	ok
create_index ..  	ok
sanity_check ..  	ok
errors ..  		ok
select ..  		ok
select_into ..  	ok
select_distinct ..  	ok
select_distinct_on ..  	ok
select_implicit ..  	ok
select_having ..  	ok
subselect ..  		ok
union ..  		ok
aggregates ..  		ok
transactions ..  	ok
random ..  		failed	ok 	(this always fails)
portals ..  		ok
misc ..  		ok
arrays ..  		ok
btree_index ..  	ok
hash_index ..  		ok
select_views ..  	ok
alter_table .. 	 	ok
portals_p2 ..  		ok
rules ..  		ok
install_plpgsql ..  	failed	ok	(added plpgsql module before test)
plpgsql ..  		ok

The only problem I have with 6.4.2 is getting kerberos 4 authentification 
working and getting the perl DBI module to link with the kerberized

Anyway I hope this helps

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