Re: Re: BUG #13755: pgwin32_is_service not checking if SECURITY_SERVICE_SID is disabled

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Subject: Re: Re: BUG #13755: pgwin32_is_service not checking if SECURITY_SERVICE_SID is disabled
Date: 2016-11-08 02:36:41
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> [mailto:pgsql-hackers-owner(at)postgresql(dot)org] On Behalf Of Michael Paquier
> Meh. Local System accounts are used only by services (see comments of
> pgwin32_is_service), so I'd expect pgwin32_is_service() to return true in
> this case, contrary to what your v5 is doing. v4 is doing it better I think
> at quick glance.
> Not relying on the fact that local system accounts are only used by services
> looks bad to me.

I believe v5 is correct for two reasons:

SECURITY_SERVICE_RID is enough to check, because the process gets SECURITY_SERVICE_RID when it runs as a service.

Accounts authorized to log on as a service. This is a group identifier added to the token of a process when it was logged as a service. The corresponding logon type is LOGON32_LOGON_SERVICE.

I saw descriptions that LocalSystem is used by the SCM, but didn't find a statement that LocalSystem is used only by SCM and services. In addition, if the check for LocalSystem is really necessary, LocalService and NetworkService also need to be checked.

(Japanese article)

The OP wants to explicitly run postgres.exe outside the service even when his app runs as a service, so that the app can read postgres's messages from its stdout/stderr. So, he disabled SECURITY_SERVICE_RID when starting postgres.exe. His users may run his app as a service under LocalSystem.

We ship PG with our own product, which may or may not be
installed as a service. When running PG, we run postgres.exe directly via a
Tcl-based wrapper script so that we can monitor the output in real time.

When our product is installed as a service, we use CreateRestrictedToken to
disable all admin rights as well as the SECURITY_SERVICE_RID, and use the
returned token with CreateProcessAsUser, for which we also specify
CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE. This process then calls our wrapper script. Inside
this wrapper, I can call GetStdHandle (via Twapi) and get valid handles for
all 3: in, out, and err. Yet when the script calls postgres.exe, nothing is
received on the output. As mentioned above, nothing is logged in the event
log, either.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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