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Subject: Re: Please take part in the PostgreSQL ecosystem survey
Date: 2016-04-19 02:04:41
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> From: pgsql-advocacy-owner(at)postgresql(dot)org
> > Survey form
> >
> > W3Qqvo/viewform
> Is there some way to arrange it so people can choose several categories
> at once and write up responses for each?

I'm sorry, no. At first, I considered selecting multiple items at once with checkboxes and adding multiple new entries with a comma-separated string. But I decided to not do so because mixing multiple categories/software in one response entry would make it difficult or impossible to determine which comment is for what software, which software is in which category, and aggregate the count and comments of each software in the spreadsheet.

> > Survey response sheets
> >
> > iyAM_4qVf9trk/pubhtml
> This is already neat stuff!

Thanks, I'm relieved. As I'm blind and can't see the screen, I was a bit worried about many sheets on the screen.

> Is there some time frame in which some other action will be taken?
> What resources are you connecting to this effort, and how can people help
> add to them?

Currently, there's no defined time frame, but my company and the PGECons will probably set the time frame some time. However, expanding the ecosystem should be an endless continual activity. I'll convince them so, and they should already understand that without being convinced (I hope).

About resources: I joined the PGECons steering committee this February and proposed establishing a WG to address interoperability. They said they've been also aware of the need to expand the ecosystem since the establishment of PGECons a few years ago, but they don't know what to do. At least, the PGECons is not powerful enough to proceed the activity globally. So, at the meeting, I was appointed to consult the community to discuss if and how to proceed. That is the following mail:

If we can gain some level of momentum from the community and users (potential customers), we can start the WG officially. Until then, maybe we have to go below water as an unofficial hidden WG (that may become my lone fight). Anyway, I think we should do the work as publicly in the community as possible. I'm willing to do anything I can, including development for interoperability e.g. implementing standards in ODBC/JDBC, assisting ISVs who try to port their products to PostgreSQL, verifying popular ISV products, etc.

About help: as mentioned in "CONSULTATION AND DISCUSSION" in the above mail, good ideas to proceed the activity would be most appreciated in the first place. For example:

* How/Where can we get the knowledge of expanding the software ecosystem? Is there any OSS project that we can learn from?
How can we attract software vendors to support PostgreSQL? What words are convincing to appeal the increasing potential of PostgreSQL as a good replacement for commercial databases?
(The essential question: what does it mean to software vendors to support PostgreSQL? Can they increase their profit margin?)

* How can we gain momentum for the activity?
Can we involve globally influential companies like Dell, HPE, and Red Hat?

* Do we need some kind of assistance from a foundation or establish a foundation?
There should be many, many software to address, so the ecosystem activity has to be long-lasting. Plus, money and expertise is necessary.
Would we benefit if we join the Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects?

Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects

In addition, the impending need for help is to how to publicize this survey. I posted it through pgsql-announce, pgsql-advocacy, and Planet PostgreSQL. I think I'll try to submit the same survey at DBA Stack Exchange, Software Recommendations at Stack Exchange, and Hacker News. But Stack Exchange moderators seem to close the post if it's a poll (I'll try anyway). Hacker News requires 200 karmas to post a poll, and I have no karma.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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