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pgAdmin 1.4.0 Released

From: "Dave Page" <dpage(at)vale-housing(dot)co(dot)uk>
To: <pgadmin-support(at)postgresql(dot)org>,<pgadmin-hackers(at)postgresql(dot)org>, <pgsql-announce(at)postgresql(dot)org>
Subject: pgAdmin 1.4.0 Released
Date: 2002-11-20 13:23:09
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I'm pleased to announce the release of pgAdmin II v1.4.0. Many thanks to
all those that have contributed time and effort to it's development and

pgAdmin II is a comprehensive PostgreSQL management and administration
tool for Microsoft Windows platforms. For more information and
downloads, please visit the website at (kindly
hosted by

This release is the first stable release to support the upcoming version
7.3 of PostgreSQL. Users of pgAdmin II v1.2.0 *must* upgrade if they
wish to use PostgreSQL 7.3.

Changes made since version 1.2.0 are listed below.

Regards, Dave.


Don't shutdown on error when incorrectly setting a column default.
Don't get hung up on errors in the comment cache.
Reference OID columns as rs.Fields("oid") not rs!oid to get around an
MDAC/case mangling bug in some locales.
Allow the use of numeric only usernames.
Updated PostgreSQL docs to 7.3rc1.


Attempt to capture all errors, not just the last.


Fixed a bug that attempted to access inaccessible databases when clicked
on in the treeview.
Use doubles instead of longs to cope with very large OIDs.
Fixed a bug that caused an error if the pgAdmin window was too small
when the listview was populated.
Don't class 'public' as a system schema.
Don't throw an error when changing Not Null/Primary Key on a new column
in an existing table.
Don't allow (attempted) alteration of certain column attributes in
PostgreSQL 7.2.
Fixed some errors in the function editor.
Raise errors properly from pgSchema.
Only quote identifiers in datagrid update queries when required.
Allow use of numeric identifiers.
Fixed a bug that prevented renaming columns.
Fixed an error that occured when clicking on the Relationships node
under a Foreign Key.
Fixed a bug that prevented updating of Sequence values.
Display object counts in the treeview immediately now we know them in
Handle dates/time formats supported by Windows, not just those supported
by PostgreSQL (particuarly those that use . seperators)
Allow use of F5 to execute SQL queries (Andy Kelk).
If SQL is highlighted in the SQL textbox, execute only that, not the
whole query (Andy Kelk).
Fixed a bug where an SQL file got overwritten if the user clicked
Added DROP COLUMN support (Wahoo!).
Don't display ON UPDATE/ON DELETE clauses in Foreign Keys if
Fixed broken error handling in pgSchema.


New resize code in frmMain - allows adjustment of the
Listview/Definition pane split.
Fixed a bug where selecting privilege ALL did not disable the Rule
Hide System Objects in the SQL Wizard.
Updated icons.
Added Refresh button to DataGrid.
Added Select All/Select None buttons to potentially large listviews.
Simplified Listview handling code.
Reworded text on encrypted passwords in frmOptions.
Added Query Log Recorder.
Fixed a bug that cleared default values instead of updating them.
Check the PostgreSQL version when connecting and handle correctly.
Updated the PostgreSQL docs to the 7.2 Release version.
Clear Upgrade Wizard listview before populating.
REVOKE privileges from groups correctly.
Allow creation of tables with no columns, just inherits.
Don't include inherited columns & checks in table definitions.
Fixed a bug in the Import Wizard data parser.
Fix mouse pointer and allow display of errors when timer is stopped
(Mark A. Taff).
Fixed a bug in the query parser in the SQL output grid.
Allow pseudo modification of views with PostgreSQL 7.2+
Views can now be renamed.
Fixed a bug in the trigger reverse engineering that prepended the
execution conditions of previous triggers to the current.
Added an option to enable or disable Auto Row Counts.
Added Rows property to View objects.
Set default database encoding to "SQL_ASCII".
Quote function definition when needed.
Fixed a bug that prepended a carriage return when loading SQL queries
from file.
Added AllowConnections property to database objects, display it in
pgAdmin, and check it before attempting to connect to a database.
Invalidate Caches before refreshing hierarchy in pgSchema.
Standardised db name access method throughout pgSchema's classes, and
added caching.
Added support for renaming Sequences & Indexes.
Added a '-wine' command line option to disable modal dialogues (they
don't seem to work under Wine).
Prevent connection to databases until they are selected. Added an option
to revert to old behaviour.
Added support for dropping checks with PostgreSQL 7.2+.
Excel Exporter: Format the cell for the data type & inserts the data
using the cells 'FormulaR1C1' property (David Horwitz).
Allow selection of font for display of data.
Added a guide to setting up a development environment.
Added a HOWTO on using MD5 Encrypted Passwords.
Added support for viewing statistics on PostgreSQL 7.2+
Cancelling closure of child windows will now cancel application exit.
Allow sorting of listview/statsview by clicking the column headers.
Use Primary Keys for updating/deleting rows in the data editor where
Fix EXPLAIN for PostgreSQL 7.3+
Added support for Domains in PostgreSQL 7.3+
Enhanced the query parser to detect queries with functions and
subselects in the column list, and aliased columns as non-updateable.
Quote sequence names properly when using setval.
Treat all objects named pgadmin_* as system objects.
Fixed a bug in the Operator Cache which also cached the left & right
Allow addition & removal of NOT NULL constraints on columns with
PostgreSQL 7.3+.
Check the ODBC driver version correctly for EXPLAIN.
Added support for Schemas in PostgreSQL 7.3+.
Removed Revision Control due to it's complexity and lack of use
following an RFD on the hackers and support lists.
Rewrote the code that associates treeview nodes with pgSchema objects.
The new code is faster and more reliable.
Correctly recognise functions with one opaque argument.
Filter functions listed when creating Types & Operators to only those
that are suitable.
Only quote identifiers when required.
Allow addition and removal of Primary Keys with PostgreSQL 7.3+.
Allow renaming of Triggers in PostgreSQL 7.3+
Added support for configuration of user & database config variables with
PostgreSQL 7.3+
Added support for Array datatypes.
Added support for ACLs on Databases, Languages & functions with
PostgreSQL 7.3+.
Allow display & updating of column statistics values with PostgreSQL
Allow use of language validators with PostgreSQL 7.3+.

Changes to the Migration Wizard


Quote sequence names in the Migration Wizard.
Refix the Foxpro memo problem from 1.3.60.


Allow the use of numeric identifiers.


Correctly clear CREATE SEQUENCE sql. [John McCawley]
Check the Migration type in a more sensible way. [John McCawley]
Insert empty values correctly to avoid errors by not inserting into NOT
NULL columns.


Updated for PostgreSQL 7.3 Support.
Copy column values into a temp variable before use to avoid problems
with the Foxpro driver.
Don't clear source table list when navigating back past the tab.
Added pre-requisites list to README.txt.
Added an option to the wizard to "Drop any existing destination tables"
[John McCawley]
Added support for migration of auto number fields from SQL Server. [John

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