Unsupported versions: 6.3
This documentation is for an unsupported version of PostgreSQL.
You may want to view the same page for the current version, or one of the other supported versions listed above instead.
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Chapter 18. Installation

Table of Contents
Requirements to Run Postgres
Installation Procedure
Playing with Postgres
The Next Step
Porting Notes

Complete installation instructions for Postgres v6.3.

This procedure is This is based on the installation instructions for Postgres v6.3 found in $PGROOT/INSTALL. Up to date information on Postgres may be found at www.postgresql.org.

The installation notes below assume the following (except where noted):

  • Commands are Unix-compatible. See note below.

  • Defaults are used except where noted.

  • User postgres is the Postgres superuser.

  • The source path is /usr/src/pgsql (other paths are possible).

  • The runtime path is /usr/local/pgsql (other paths are possible).

Commands were tested on RedHat Linux version 4.2 using the tcsh shell. Except where noted, they will probably work on most systems. Commands like ps and tar vary wildly on what options you should use on each platform. Use common sense before typing in these commands.

Our Makefiles require GNU make (called “gmake” in this document) and also assume that install accepts BSD options. The INSTALL variable in the Makefiles is set to the BSD-compatible version of install. On some systems, you will have to find a BSD-compatible install (eg. bsdinst, which comes with the MIT X Window System distribution).

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