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This documentation is for an unsupported version of PostgreSQL.
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Porting Notes

NOTE: For some ports, these notes may be out of date.


You need to install the libdl-1.1 package since Ultrix 4.x doesn't have a dynamic loader. It's available in s2k-ftp.CS.Berkeley.EDU:pub/personal/andrew/libdl-1.1.tar.Z


Linux ELF

The regression test reference machine is a linux-2.0.30/libc-5.3.12/RedHat-4.2 installation running on a dual processor i686. The linux-elf port installs cleanly. See the Linux FAQ for more details.

Linux a.out

For non-ELF Linux, the dld library MUST be obtained and installed on the system. It enables dynamic link loading capability to the Postgres port. The dld library can be obtained from the sunsite linux distributions. The current name is dld-3.2.5. Jalon Q. Zimmerman


For BSD/OS 2.0 and 2.01, you will need to get the GNU dld library.


The NeXT port for v1.09 was supplied by Tom R. Hageman. It requires a SysV IPC emulation library and header files for shared libary and semaphore stuff. Tom just happens to sell such a product so contact him for information. He has also indicated that binary releases of Postgres for NEXTSTEP will be made available to the general public. Contact Info@RnA.nl for information.

We have no recent reports of successful NeXT installations (for v6.2.1). However, the client-side libraries should work even if the backend is not supported.

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