@postgresql Twitter Account Policy

Last updated: January 19, 2018. View change history.

This policy applies to the manual use of the @postgresql Twitter account.

  • Tweets are allowed which relate to approved News & Events as defined in the News and Events Approval Policies (a.k.a. the -announce policy), provided that the tweets are:
    • Of a reasonable frequency (as defined by the moderators, with the following guidelines):
    • Tweets/Re-tweets about Core and "Family" News are not frequency-limited.
    • Tweets/Re-tweets about Proprietary & External OSS Project News should not be more than weekly.
    • Tweets/Re-tweets about the activity of a PostgreSQL recognized community conference or event should not be more than daily.
    • Tweets/Re-tweets about the activity of a particular Open Source & Database Conference or Event should not be more than weekly.
    • Tweets/Re-tweets about finding information contained on a website within the PostgreSQL infrastructure are not frequency limited.
  • Are not commercial in nature (Tweets about a given organization sponsoring a conference are ok, tweets which are attempting to solicit sponsorship for an event are not).

In addition to approved News & Events, these kinds of Events may also be tweet'd about, following the same guidelines set forth above:

  • Local PostgreSQL User Group (PUG) meetings and related efforts to establish PUGs. PUGs are encouraged to have their own Twitter handle which @postgresql will retweets appropriate tweets from.
  • PostgreSQL Weekly news (weekly tweet highlighting the -announce post).
  • Tweets/Re-tweets are also allowed for acceptable blog posts, media coverage, and tweets about PostgreSQL, provided these are not commercial in nature, using the same guidelines as set forth in the Planet PostgreSQL policy.

Replies to mentions are also allowed when and if appropriate, per these guidelines:

  • Acceptable:
    • Answering a PostgreSQL-specific question to provide help.
    • Providing a helpful suggestion or comment.
    • Professional discussion regarding specific technical aspects of PostgreSQL as compared to other products or projects.
  • Not acceptable:
    • Off-topic tweets which are not related to PostgreSQL.
    • Degrading or attacking other products, projects, or individuals.
    • Unprofessional behavior of any kind.

Tweets should follow the same guidelines as one would use when posting to the project mailing lists.