Professional Services and Hosting Approval Policy

Last updated: May 19, 2012. View change history.

Policies for Approving Professional Services and Hosting Services

General Rules

The home page contains Professional Services and Hosting (in general, Services) listings which are maintained entirely for the benefit of the PostgreSQL community. As this space would be quite valuable if commercially available, our admins have the authority to be restrictive about what they allow on the home page.

All Services to be approved must include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Accurate and complete contact information, including e-mail, web, phone, and address of registered office
  • A 15 to 50 word summary of the company's services which provides some detail about which specific services the company offers for PostgreSQL.
  • Geographic location information

Further, the web site you link to in the listing must somewhere mention PostgreSQL as an offered service or platform. If PostgreSQL is not mentioned anywhere on your website, then your listing will not be approved.

Also, do not list your company in every single geographic region unless you are a truly worldwide company (e.g. IBM, Akamai). This may be reason to reject your listing.

Other General Rules include:

  • All services must be related to PostgreSQL in some direct and obvious way.
  • Link-only listings (no description or details) will never be acceptable.
  • The WWW admin group of the PostgreSQL project may permanently ban any organization which is the cause of substantiated complaints about accuracy, ethics or legality from members of our community.
  • The WWW team makes no promises about timely approval of announcements. If publication on a specific day is critical to you, you will need to contact the pgsql-www mailing list or a core team member prior to the submission.

Professional Services and Listings

For Professional Services, the "provides support and services" check box must be checked. Fill out the following form blanks with the listed information. Incomplete submissions may be rejected.

  • URL: your (or your company's) website, it must contain information about the PostgreSQL services you provide.
  • Number of Employees: number of staff you have doing PostgreSQL support or consulting.
  • Hours: the hours support is available. Suggested options include "Business Hours (time zone)", "24x7", "As Arranged"
  • Languages: what human languages you provide support and services in, e.g. Spanish, English, Japanese, etc.
  • Customer Example: if available
  • Experience: detail of your staff's PostgreSQL and related technology experience only.

Hosting Listings

If you offer web hosting for PostgreSQL applications, please check the "Provides hosting of PostgreSQL databases"

Supported Interfaces should detail what programming languages (e.g. Perl, Java, Ruby, etc.) and/or what database applications (e.g. Drupal, xTuple, OpenACS, etc.) you specifically have support for. Also include any notes in this space about limitations or special features of your PostgreSQL hosting.

Your web site must specifically list PostgreSQL as a supported hosted application if you list the other applications which you support on your hosting platform.


Professional Services and Hosting listings are offered purely and entirely for the benefit of our not-for-profit member community. is not an advertising service or publication. If our admins feel that your listing is inconsistent with the good of our community, your listing may be removed for any reason, or no reason.

Specific reasons which are likely to get your listing removed include:

  • Community member complaints about the quality of your services
  • Community member reports that your company cannot be contacted
  • Failure to list PostgreSQL services or hosting as available on your web site
  • Use of, its mailing lists, or associated forums and communications for aggressive or cold-call sales campaigns

If your listing is removed, the admins will usually notify you of the reason for removal, though such notice is not guaranteed.