News and Events Approval Policy

Last updated: July 26, 2023. View change history.

Policies for Approving News & Events

General Rules

The home page contains News and Events listings which are maintained entirely for the benefit of the PostgreSQL community. As this space would be quite valuable (up to $400 per listing) if commercially available, our admins have unlimited authority to be restrictive about what they allow on the home page.

All News and Events (including Training Events) to be approved must include the following information:

  • Accurate contact information
  • A descriptive title which distinguishes the item from similar items
  • A 10 to 25 word summary of the item which provides enough information to clearly let RSS readers know if they want more information.
  • A description of the news or event which clearly explains what it is and how it relates to PostgreSQL.
  • Links in the description may not use URL shorteners or obfuscators.
  • Emoji or other types of special characters may not be used in the title.

Other General Rules include:

  • All items must relate to PostgreSQL in some direct and obvious way.
  • Link-only events or news will never be acceptable.
  • The web team of the PostgreSQL project may permanently ban any organization which is the cause of substantiated complaints about accuracy, ethics or legality from members of our community.
  • The web team makes no promises about timely approval of announcements. If publication on a specific day is critical to you, you will need to contact the pgsql-www mailing list or a core team member prior to the submission.
  • Companies listed on the sponsors page may be granted an exception to any of the limitations on news and events, such as allowed posting frequency, at the discretion of the web team.
  • The web team reserves the right to partially or entirely rewrite News or Events postings to improve clarity.
  • Starting at midnight UTC on the day of a PostgreSQL release, including any beta or release candidate (RC), no new announcement request will be approved until after midnight UTC 72 hours later. For example, if a new version of PostgreSQL is released on 2018-02-08, then no other announcements will be approved between 2018-02-08 0:00 UTC and 2018-02-11 0:00 UTC. Any announcements submitted during this time should have their timestamp updated once they are approved, so they don't end up looking like old once they do post.

In general, the home page is run exclusively for the benefit of the not-for-profit member-owned PostgreSQL community. It is not an advertising venue, and site admins are entitled to reject any notice which they feel is inconsistent with the community's needs for any reason, or for no reason.

Approving News and Announcements

PostgreSQL Core News

All items will be approved unless inaccurate. The following types of news are generally appropriate:

  • All releases, major, minor and beta
  • Development schedule milestones
  • New certifications, awards & benchmarks
  • Core team and committer changes
  • Security issues
  • Calls for assistance/participation
  • Major changes to infrastructure, web, or legal structure of PostgreSQL
  • Major new advocacy efforts

PostgreSQL "Family" News

This includes news about PostgreSQL add-on projects & drivers, open source projects which are primarily based on PostgreSQL, and news about PostgreSQL regional and user groups.

Any of the following items will be approved, regardless of frequency:

  • Any release or initial beta of a major release
  • Creation of any new user group, regional group, or web site
  • Critical security patch announcements
  • Substantial new articles or documentation
  • Infrequent calls for assistance/participation

Other types of news, such as changes in leadership, will not be approved.

Proprietary & External OSS Project News

This includes all news from companies whose products contain, support or are based on PostgreSQL, and OSS projects which support PostgreSQL as one of several database options.

The following types of news will be approved:

  • Brand new products/projects/services which support or center around PostgreSQL
  • Newly released books about PostgreSQL or with substantial (20% or more) PostgreSQL content.
  • First support of PostgreSQL in existing products
  • Major version releases (not more than once per quarter)
  • Critical security updates, if thought to affect many PostgreSQL community members

Other types of announcements, including minor releases, pricing changes, leadership changes, 3rd-party news coverage, partnerships, and mergers & acquisitions will be rejected.

In addition, commercial entities who are not financial, in-kind or code contributors to the PostgreSQL project will be restricted to one news item of any kind per six-month period.

Approving Events and Event-Related News (excluding training)

Events must have significant PostgreSQL-related content in order to be listed.

PostgreSQL Conferences & Events

Any semi-annual or less frequent non-training event which is primarily about PostgreSQL or for PostgreSQL users will be entitled to be listed. Additionally, conferences which are primarily or entirely about PostgreSQL will be entitled to post news items at the following milestones, if they are each a week or more apart:

  • Call for Papers
  • Schedule Posting,
  • Registration Opening,
  • Registration Closing,
  • Wrap-up.

Routine monthly PostgreSQL User Group meetings will not be listed. First meetings of a new PUG can be listed, as well as infrequent major special events likely to be of interest outside of the PUG's normal area.

Open Source & Database Conferences & Events

Open source conferences, and database conferences, which are not primarily about PostgreSQL but have significant PostgreSQL content, such as several sessions and a booth, may be listed in the Events. Additionally, the Call For Papers for these events may be accepted as News.

More routine events, such as monthly local meetings or mini-conferences, will not be listed. Conferences must have significant PostgreSQL content to be worth listing, with decisions on relative significance to be made by the web team.

Training Events

PostgreSQL Training may be listed from any company, under the following conditions:

  • Each listing must include:
    • Specific locations and dates for that specific training
    • Link to online training registration
    • One or more sentence description of the contents of that specific training

All descriptive text should be purely informative and not include strong marketing copy or special offers unrelated to the training. The vendors website should list PostgreSQL training information, including an online schedule of upcoming trainings.

In the event that any training company submits more than 4 training events to be held in any given quarter, site admins may (at their discretion) deny posting events to that company.