WiltonDB 3.3 released

Posted on 2023-11-15 by WiltonDB Software
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We are pleased to announce the first public release of WiltonDB!

WiltonDB is a modified PostgreSQL with a set of Babelfish extensions packaged for Windows and Linux.

WiltonDB strives to be useable as a drop-in replacement to Microsoft SQL Server. It understands MSSQL dialect (T-SQL) and can run existing queries and stored procedures for MSSQL client applications. It also understands MSSQL wire protocol (TDS) so applications can use the same DB drivers (ADO.NET, ODBC, JDBC) to connect to WiltonDB.

WiltonDB version 3.3 includes PostgreSQL 15.4 modified for Babelfish and "BABEL_3_3_STABLE" branch of Babelfish extensions modified to run on Windows.

PostgreSQL with Babelfish extensions on Windows

Historically, many client applications for Microsoft SQL Server are developed and run in Windows-only environment. Babelfish allows to migrate applications from MSSQL to PostgreSQL with fewer code changes. While PostgreSQL itself provides first-class support for Windows, Babelfish open-source project does not support Windows at all. That makes it harder for application developers to adopt PostgreSQL with Babelfish in Windows environment.

WiltonDB adds a number of patches on top of open-source Babelfish to allow it to run on Windows. It is distributed as a standard Windows Installer package and can be installed side-by-side with MSSQL on the same machine. Detailed instructions about the installation and usage on Windows are available in WiltonDB documentation.

PostgreSQL with Babelfish extensions in a cloud

Managed PostgreSQL with Babelfish extensions is available on AWS cloud. WiltonDB Software is not affiliated with AWS (beyond being a minor contributor to open-source Babelfish). Though WiltonDB project would not be possible without the work and dedication of the dozens of people who have contributed to creation of Babelfish at AWS and then have graciously made it open-source. Everyone involved in the development of Babelfish has our gratitude.

Babelfish is a trademark of Amazon Web Services.

License information

WiltonDB is released under the Apache-2.0 or PostgreSQL license at your choice. Use is permitted under either license.