wal2mongo v1.0.7 is released

Posted on 2024-06-12 by Highgo Software
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HighGo Software is pleased to announce the first GitHub community release of wal2mongo v1.0.7, which can be used to replicate PostgreSQL database changes to an output format that can be directly fed into the mongo client tool to achieve logical replication between PostgreSQl and MongoDB. Wal2mongo plugin is useful for a case where PostgreSQL is used as the main raw data source to collect data from outside world but MongoDB is used internally for data analytics purposes. Manual data migration between PostgreSQL and MongoDB poses a lot of potential problem and having a logical decoding plugin like wal2mongo can help reduce the data migration complexity between the two databases.

Source Code on GitHub

The source code releases of wal2mongo plugin can be found here

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About wal2mongo

wal2mongo is a PostgreSQL logical decoding output plugin designed to simplify logical replication from PostgreSQL to MongoDB by formatting the output into a JSON-like format accepted by MongoDB. For detailed information on how to use it, you can find it here

The logical replication application project that can be used with wal2mongo to achieve a fully automatic logical replication setup with enhanced control, security and performance in mind. We will continue to improve the logical decoding performance and enhance wal2mongo functionalities based on community feedback.