WAL-G 3.0.0 released

Posted on 2024-03-17 by WAL-G
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WAL-G team is happy to announce the release of WAL-G 3.0.0

WAL-G is a tool for archival database restoration for PostgreSQL, GreenplumDB, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, etcd and several other databases.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Every database engine can now benefit from failover storage. This technique can save the day if one of the storage systems goes down. However, do not forget to monitor them anyway.
  • For Postgres, we have a WAL archiving daemon available. Its primary purpose is to improve the efficiency of parallel archiving.
  • Additionally, WAL-G supports the partial restoration of a cluster. If you have large, unnecessary tables, you can exclude them from the restoration process, the Postgres will skip over the WAL records for these tables. See docs for details.
  • Greenplum's PITR (Point-in-Time Recovery) is undergoing its maturation process. Partial restore is supported in a similar way to Postgres. We now have tools to verify the integrity of AO\AOCS files in storage without actually restoring backups.

WAL-G v3.0.0 is available for download on our GitHub releases page.

Have a nice day!