WAL-G 1.0 released

Posted on 2021-06-01 by WAL-G
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Hello world!

This time we decided to bump the number to 1.0 to switch to a common versioning pattern. WAL-G 1.0 is compatible with its versions v0.2.0+. Also, WAL-G 1.0 can restore WAL-E backups and WALs. Good news for non-PostgreSQL databases: WAL-G is now production-ready for MS SQL, MySQL databases, meanwhile the API can be changed in future releases. MongoDB and Redis support is in the beta stage.

Some interesting features/fixes:

#780 PostgreSQL remote backups
#905 Improve compatibility with PostgreSQL 13, introduced WALG_PREFETCH_DIR option
#824 New option was added to wal-verify, now it requires an argument timeline|integrity
#903 It's now not allowed to create non-permanent delta backups from permanent backups
#842 Fix compatibility with S3 implementations that do not support ListObjectsV2
#950 It's now again possible to tell WAL-G to rename .ready files to .done directly
#898, #962 WAL prefetch is now slightly faster
#858 Catchup-list command to list delta backups taken specifically for catchup
#847 Support for Yandex Cloud KMS
#817, #833 Multipart retries for GCS storage
#873 Support for AzureUSGovernmentCloud, AzureChinaCloud, AzureGermanCloud
#899 Add metadata for WAL files
#913, #917 New option to delete single backup for PostgreSQL
Add Redis backups. Now we have Redis support with backup-fetch, backup-push, backup-list, and delete commands.
Add MySQL catchup mode: allow replay binlogs while uploading new ones
Add SQLServer single database restore with renaming
Huge amount of bug fixes, tests, and improvements for Redis/MongoDB/SQLServer/etc

The new release is available here.

Thanks to all WAL-G users, developers, and the PostgreSQL community in general.

Best regards, WAL-G team.