WAL-G 0.2.19 released

Posted on 2020-11-30 by WAL-G
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WAL-G team is happy to announce the release of WAL-G 0.2.19

WAL-G is an archival restoration tool for PostgreSQL (also for MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, FoundationDB, and MongoDB).

WAL-G releases can be found here

Notable changes in this release include:

  1. Fixes for S3 and GCP storages #656 #756.
  2. Add wal-show command to get information about WAL storage folder.
  3. Add wal-verify command. It checks the integrity of WAL history starting from the oldest backup available in current timeline history.
  4. Add wal-receive command. You can use WAL-G as a replica running on another host to ensure RPO=0. This is beta functionality: API may change in the future.
  5. Add reverse delta unpack for backup-fetch (--reverse-unpack flag).
  6. Add redundant archives skipping for backup-fetch (--skip-redundant-tars flag, designed to work in pair with reverse delta unpack).
  7. Add page checksum verification for backup-push (--verify flag).

You can find more about some of these new features in Daniil Zakhlystov's post about his GSoC.


Best regards, Andrey Borodin.