Version 2.0.0 of advanced PostgreSQL driver written in C++

Posted on 2022-04-13 by Dmitry Igrishin
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Pgfe (PostGres FrontEnd) - is an advanced and feature rich PostgreSQL driver written in C++. The development is focused on easiness and robustness of use with the performance in mind.

Pgfe can be downloaded from the Github page.


  • fast and robust;
  • can be used as either header-only, static or shared library;
  • works with database connections in both blocking and non-blocking IO manner;
  • supports prepared statements with both positional and named parameters;
  • provides first-class support for calling functions and procedures;
  • supports advanced features of PostgreSQL, such as pipeline, COPY and large objects;
  • supports advanced error handling via exceptions and error conditions: provides enum entry for each predefined SQLSTATE;
  • provides advanced support for the client/server data conversion: even multidimensional PostgreSQL arrays to/from any combinations of STL containers can be performed with easy;
  • provides a support of dynamic construction of SQL queries;
  • allows to separate SQL queries and C++ code on the client side;
  • provides simple, robust and thread-safe connection pool;
  • many other features for convenience and security.


  • C++17 compiler (tested on GCC and MSVC);
  • libpq;
  • CMake 3.16+ (optionally, if build is required).