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Uptime Database Appliance - Technology Preview Edition now available.

Posted on 2010-09-02

Uptime Database Appliance is now available on Amazon EC2 as "Technology Preview Edition", and it makes users easier to deploy PostgreSQL databases.

* Uptime Database Appliance is a database virtual appliance which could run on Amazon EC2, and it is provided as an AMI (server image file for EC2) file.

* Uptime Database Appliance enables users to start a database server without any installation and setup. Also it has built-in backup and restore, so the users do not need to maintain it themselves.

* Uptime Database Appliance uses PostgreSQL inside itself, so it has compatibility with applications widely used.

For more information, please visit following pages.

Uptime Database Appliance: http://www.uptime.jp/go/db

Uptime Technologies: http://www.uptime.jp

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