Translations of Code of Conduct Posted: Japanese, Hebrew, and Russian

Posted on 2021-03-26 by PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee

The PostgreSQL Code of Conduct Committee is pleased to announce that the Japanese translation of the PostgreSQL Community Code of Conduct has been updated, and is now current. The Committee thanks Tatsuo Ishii, Tetsuo Sakata, and Akira Kurosawa for their work in updating the translation.

We now have a Hebrew translation as well, with thanks to Michael Goldberg and Emil Shkolnik.

There is also a Russian translation, drafted by Anastasia Raspopina, Anastasia Lubennikova, and Alexander Lakhin, with additional edits offered by Viktor Yegorov and Valeria Kaplan. We appreciate their teamwork in creating this new translation.

The English policy is here:

The updated Japanese translation is here:

The Hebrew translation is here:

The Russian translation is here: