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Toad Data Modeler version 4.0 released

Posted on 2011-08-01

Version 4.0 of Toad Data Modeler - a multi database platform data modeling and design tool brings support for PostgreSQL 9.0.

Key features:

  • Entity Relationship Diagrams

  • Generation of SQL code

  • Reverse engineering

  • Synchronization features

  • Model verification

  • Generation of documentation

What's new in version 4.0

  • Visual Modeling of Views

  • Refactoring Utility

  • Gallery for storing frequently used parts of structures

  • Integration with Subversion

PostgreSQL features and enhancements

  • Combo box Table Type available on Entity Properties dialog

  • Column List field available on Triggers Properties dialog

  • Options Deferred and Deferrable on Key Properties dialog

  • Option Is Exclude Constraint on Index Properties dialog

  • When Condition field available on Trigger Properties dialog

Supported version of PostgreSQL

  • PostgreSQL 8.1

  • PostgreSQL 8.2

  • PostgreSQL 8.3

  • PostgreSQL 8.4

  • PostgreSQL 9.0

System Requirements:

  • Windows OS


Freeware: http://www.casestudio.com/enu/free-modeling-tool.aspx

Trial version: http://www.quest.com/Toad-Data-Modeler/

For more information please visit www.quest.com

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