The Cloud backup service, is now available

Posted on 2012-12-06 by Spinbackup, a Cloud based backup service specific for Google users, which has been built on PostgreSql and Amazon Web Services (AWS), completed beta testing and is now available for the general public. In addition, Spinbackup has received certification from TrustE for Privacy and compliance with the US-EU Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

Spinbackup requires that users be Google users and has implemented Google ID (OAuth2.0).
As a result, Spinbackup does not require entry of a user's Google password.

Main features:
1. Automated, daily backups and one click restore for Gmail, Google Drive & Docs, Picasa and Calendar. Additional, local files can be uploaded independently or as an archive.
2. Unlike most other services, the data in Spinbackup does not store in one archive. Every element (letter, Google Drive document etc.) is available to view, edit and recover independently.
3. Supports GMail labels, which allows emails to be grouped on a user's criteria. If restoration to Google becomes necessary, labels will be intact.
4. Data is stored in the cloud of AWS, providing an additional layer of security and redundancy.
5. Data is available 24/7, regardless of Google's service status. In the event of Google data-loss, Spinbackup supports One-Click restore.
6. The Basic plan is free and allows up to 5Gb of free space. Two additional, fee-based plans are available for Business users.
7. Flexible, Pay-As-You-Go payment model. Account Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancellation available at anytime. Increase cloud storage on demand, in seconds.
8. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Download at Google Play, the Apple App Store or via links at Spinbackup. Manage your backups anytime and everywhere.
9. Additional: Admin dashboard, search, local uploads and download, file sharing, manual backups, advanced stats, daily email reports, online support, ads free.

An API for developers is in progress. If interested, stop by and Contact Us.