TCapture Replication Server 1.0 Beta

Posted on 2023-12-22 by TCapture
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We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of TCapture Replication Server 1.0 Beta We are currently releasing a beta version for community testing.

TCapture is a bidirectional multi master replication server based on a 'capture and apply' asynchronous replica engine

Key Features

  • Transactional. SQL are captured transactionally, can be coupled with surrounding business logic.
  • Efficient. It capture transactions for replication from Write-Ahead Logs (WAL) instead of using triggers, eliminating overhead on master databases and significantly reduces latency
  • Flexible. No limits on the number of producers or consumers, but complexity increases
  • Reliable. Transactions are stored in PostgreSQL database – this adds the benefit of write ahead logging and crash recovery.
  • Transparent. No impact on the applications already running on that database, since both engine and 'store database' can run separate from production databases.
  • Easy to use. Simple to set up and configure, is an effective tool for data replication between different Postgres versions
  • Open Source. No licensing fees, but occasionally you'll have to get your hands dirty

About TCapture

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