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Sun announces PostgreSQL for Solaris Integration, Support

Posted on 2006-06-25

With the release of Solaris 10 Update 2, Sun today announced the inclusion of PostgreSQL in Solaris and the availability of PostgreSQL support.

This offering gives Solaris users ready access to a high-performance RDBMS, and the confidence of Sun worldwide support for their production applications. PostgreSQL users can take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the Solaris platform for their projects where reliability is a central goal.

The Sun database and performance engineers, led by Core Team member Josh Berkus, will be working over the next few months to improve and expand the PostgreSQL for Solaris distribution, enhance performance, and add new features. 100% of these enhancements will be open source and contributed to the PostgreSQL project or appropriate associated projects.

Sun PostgreSQL for Solaris support starts at 1596USD per year, worldwide.


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