StackGres 1.0.0 released: Open Source Postgres-aaS with 120+ Extensions

Posted on 2021-11-18 by OnGres
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StackGres 1.0.0 is an Open Source Postgres-as-a-Service that runs on any Kubernetes environment. StackGres is the Postgres platform with more Postgres extensions available: 120 as of today. Many more to come in the future.

A feature-rich Postgres Platform

StackGres contains the full Stack of Postgres components needed for production:

  • High availability and automated failover, using Patroni.

  • Built-in, enabled by default connection-pooling.

  • Configurable automated backups with retention policies.

  • Prometheus metrics exporter, with auto-binding. Customized Postgres metrics, Grafana dashboards and Postgres alerts.

  • Expertly tuned default configurations --which you can optionally override.

StackGres: innovating the Postgres Platform

StackGres has also introduced significant innovations:

  • Using Envoy to proxy all Postgres traffic, thanks to the Postgres filter developed by OnGres in collaboration with the Envoy Community.

  • A fully-featured Web Console.

  • Distributed logs: push all Postgres and Patroni logs from all pods to a central server, which is a separate, StackGres-managed Postgres database with Timescale.

  • Fully automated "Day 2" DBA operations, including: minor and major version upgrades, controlled cluster restart, container version upgrades, vacuum, repack and even benchmarks!

  • A system to dynamically load Postgres extensions into the containers. This allows StackGres to ship lighter containers, while supporting potentially hundreds of extensions: 120 as of today.

Getting started

StackGres, open source developed with love by OnGres.