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SpikeSource supports PostgreSQL

Posted on 2005-06-16

As of this week, SpikeSource is now supporting PostgreSQL in the following ways:

  • SpikeSource has incorporated the testing of PostgreSQL into the company's 22,000 nightly automated test runs. This includes code coverage of PostgreSQL, as well as Postgres JDBC drivers and the phpPgAdmin tool into this environment.
  • SpikeSource is the first open source company to support the PostgreSQL database in a LAMP stack. PostgreSQL is comparable to an Oracle database environment and is interchangeable with MySQL within the SpikeSource Core Stack.
  • In addition to testing and certification of PostgreSQL, SpikeSource also works with component developers/committers (e.g, phpPgAdmin tool) to further facilitate the full use of the PostgreSQL feature set.
  • SpikeSource is sponsoring Christopher Kings-Lynne's work on adding Slony-I management to phpPgAdmin.
  • SpikeSource is also working with PostgreSQL core member Josh Berkus on migration tool kits and documentation.
  • SpikeSource test results and sponsored development are always open sourced and contributed back to the community.

Component testing for PostgreSQL is already up on the web. There is also a PostgreSQL information page for which SpikeSource is actively soliciting contributions.

SpikeSource's stack testing and code coverage is a valuable compliment to the automated testing provided by Andrew Dunstan's pgBuildFarm. Thanks to such contributions, PostgreSQL 8.1 will have full automated testing for almost all components.

Visit the TestFest on June 17 for a live demonstration.

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