SPA 1.0: Data privacy and security solution for Postgres, Released!

Posted on 2023-05-04 by Cosmic Kayka L.L.C.
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We heard you and we did it! Cosmic Kayka LLC is releasing a data privacy and security solution for Postgres customers:

   SPA 1.0, a Simple Privacy and Anonymization extension for Postgres

As enterprises grow, they soon start to outgrow their data privacy and security requirements. Also, as the CIO’s strategize to streamline processes and drive business decisions on operational data insights in their effort to digitally transform the enterprise, a more comprehensive data strategy is needed.

Good news is that Postgres is quickly accelerating its footprint, however, lack of native support for Data Privacy and Security is becoming a critical barrier for widespread enterprise adoption. Enterprise Postgres customers have long been looking for a native solution. We have identified the gap and have developed SPA, a Simple Privacy and Anonymization framework, offered as an extension to the Postgres DB.

Cosmic Kayka's SPA extension, with its comprehensive framework and extensive capabilities, addresses the core requirement and plays a central role in accomplishing enterprise data privacy, security, and transformation. Cosmic Kayka is currently offering the solution with integration and technical support for Postgres database.

Here is a link to our product page with a brief on the SPA extension:

SPA is self-contained extension and is entirely independent of any other extensions nor does it rely on specific DBMS's features such as Security Label implementation of postgres. SPA is a data privacy and security framework with its own rule system. SPA framework can be integrated with any custom privacy functionality including third-party extensions. Some of the feature highlights are listed below:

    • A Framework for Privacy and Anonymization
    • Rule-based framework
    • Highly flexible and easy to extend
    • Protect Personally identifiable information (PII) and/or any enterprise/product/customer sensitive information
    • Multitude of privacy and anonymization functions
    • Default implementation for various masking and anonymization functions. Example: Obfuscation functions for first name, last name, date of birth, social security number, street address, state, zip code, salary, strings, numbers, dates, money, etc.
    • Separation of masking from obfuscation
    • Ability to override default implementation using rules
    • Comprehensive rule types with ability to set fixed values, NULL, or use custom functions
    • Ability to scope rules at user level, role level, role group level, or for all users (PUBLIC)
    • Support for rule inheritance via role inheritance. NOTE: Only one rule that gives most access (or least privacy/anonymization) is applied, when in conflict
    • Support for applying privacy and anonymization to new views using spa functions
    • Auto enable existing tables and views for privacy and anonymization
    • Support spa-replication while applying privacy and anonymization during replication
    • Default functions to support auto enabling of existing tables and views for 20+ data types
    • Support for custom functions with arbitrary number of input parameters and data types
    • Support for data transformation
    • Fully configurable enabling total customization
    • Integrates with custom implementation and/or a third-party anonymizer

Enjoy your privacy, feel secure, and hide your sensitive data behind SPA!

Please contact to learn more about how we can partner together to seamlessly tackle the data privacy, security, and transformation needs of your enterprise:

Rama Nalla
Cosmic Kayka LLC