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Slony-I (Production Grade) Replication System Released

Posted on 2004-07-04

The Slony-I team is proudly presenting the 1.0 release of the most advanced replication solution for the most advanced Open Source Database in the world:


The multithreaded replication engine requires the libpq client library to be compiled with --enable-thread-safety on certain operating systems.  Known are thus far Solaris and AIX.  Other operating systems are known to not require this (Linux-X86, FreeBSD-X86, FreeBSD-Alpha, OpenBSD-Sparc64 and OSX).  The configuration script is broken with respect to the --enable-thread-safety switch for Solaris.  Please apply this patch, configure and recompile libpq: threadsafe-libpq-742.diff.gz. We will make patches for 7.3.x available on request.

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