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Slony-I 1.0.5 (PostgreSQL Database Replication) released

Posted on 2004-10-21

Release 1.0.5 available

The Slony-I team is proudly presenting the 1.0.5 release of the most advanced replication solution for the most advanced Open Source Database in the world.

This is a recommended update for all Slony-I users. See the HISTORY file for the list of changes.

The Slony home page is www.slony.info.

The release source code is available for download here:


Upgrading from former Slony-I versions

Beginning with version 1.0.5 the slon replication engine refuses to work against any database that does not have the stored procedures for the same version loaded or where the shared object containing the C language support functions and the log trigger does not match the version number.

This means that the Slony installation on all nodes in a cluster must be upgraded at once.

The proper upgrade procedure is this:

  1. Stop the slon replication engine on all nodes.
  2. Install the new Slony version on all nodes.
  3. Execute a slonik script containing the command: update functions (id = ); for every node in the cluster.
  4. Start all slon replication engines.

Libpq requirements

The multithreaded replication engine requires the libpq client library to be compiled with --enable-thread-safety on certain operating systems. Known are thus far Solaris and AIX. Other operating systems are known to not require this (Linux-X86, FreeBSD-X86, FreeBSD-Alpha, OpenBSD-Sparc64 and OSX). The configuration script is broken with respect to the --enable-thread-safety switch for Solaris.

Please apply this patch, configure and recompile libpq:


We will make patches for 7.3.x available on request.

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