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Servoy moves to PostgreSQL, goes Open Source

Posted on 2010-05-19

Servoy today announced the first open source version of its award-winning SaaS application development platform, Servoy 5.2, now shipping with PostgreSQL 8.4. This change means that Servoy users have enormous flexibility in deployment to cloud hosting or desktop systems. It also enables open source developers looking for RAD tools, rapid prototyping and data application development to utilize a mature, easy-to-use environment.

"We chose PostgresSQL because it is the most powerful open source database," said Jan Aleman, CEO, Servoy. "Users can also run other databases at the same time. We support Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB/2, MySQL and others out of the box." PostgreSQL has won praise from its users and industry recognition, including the Linux New Media Award for Best Database System and five-time winner of the Linux Journal Editors' Choice Award for best DBMS.

5.2 will be available early next month. For more information, see Servoy's web site.

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