Release - ldap2pg v3.0

Posted on 2017-09-15 by Dalibo

Ldap2pg is a tool to synchronize roles and ACL in PostgreSQL from a LDAP compatible directory. The configuration is simple but powerful. Ldap2pg can also audit your PostgreSQL cluster. Ldap2pg eases integration and security of PostgreSQL in your infrastructure.

Here is a highlight of changes in this new version.

ldap2pg 3.0

Breakage: Use Python {} format string for ACL queries instead of named printf style.
Support old setuptools.
Fix undefined LDAP password traceback.
Fix case sensitivity in grant rule.
ACL inspect query should now return a new column indicating partial grant.
Allow to customize query to inspect roles in cluster.
Add check mode: exits with 1 if changes. Juste like diff.
Add --quiet option.
Add __all__ schema wildcard for looping all schema in databases.
Add ACL group to ease managing complex ACL setup.
Add Cookbook in documentation.

You'll find all the documentation and community support following these links:


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