Release: check_pgactivity 2.7

Posted on 2023-09-25 by check_pgactivity project
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check_pgactivity version 2.7 released

check_pgactivity is a PostgreSQL plugin for Nagios and the like. This plugin is written with a focus on a rich perfdata set. Every new features of PostgreSQL can be easily monitored with check_pgactivity.

Changelog :

  • add: compatibility with PostgreSQL 15 and 16, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais, Thomas Reiss
  • change: stat_snapshot_age is compatible from PostgreSQL v9.5 to v14, Benoit Lobréau
  • change: simplify session accounting in backends_status, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: compatibility of backup_label_age with PostgreSQL 15 and after, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: in pg_dump_backup, error explicitly if --path is a directory, Christophe Courtois
  • fix: temp_files on PG10 was counting all DB files, Christophe Courtois, Benoit Lobréau
  • fix: make check_archiver output oldest_ready_wal=0 when archive queue is empty, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: make check_archiver work properly with PostgreSQL 10 without being superuser, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: in backends_status, avoid "idle in transaction" false positive for PostgreSQL 9.2 and after, Thomas Reiss
  • fix: issue with check_pgactivity missing lock file, Joern Ott, Julien Rouhaud, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  • fix: in btree_bloat, adjust index tuple header size, Shangzi Xie, Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais

Here are some useful links:

Many thanks to all contributors of this release for feedbacks, bug reports, patches and patch reviews, etc.