14th September 2023: PostgreSQL 16 Released!

Release: check_pgactivity 2.4

Posted on 2019-01-30 by Dalibo
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check_pgactivity version 2.4 released

check_pgactivity is a PostgreSQL plugin for Nagios. This plugin is written with a focus on a rich perfdata set. Every new features of PostgreSQL can be easily monitored with check_pgactivity.

Changelog :

  • add a new uptime service
  • add ability to filter by application_name in longest_query and oldest_idlexact services
  • add minimal delta size to pgdump_backup service to avoid alert when backup grows small in size
  • allow psql connections without providing connection arguments: rely on the binary default behaviour and environment variables
  • returns CRITICAL if connection fails for service connection, instead of UNKNOWN
  • document minimal privileges for all services
  • replication_slots service handle wal files and pg_replslots files separately
  • take account of the new BRIN summarize state of autovacuum
  • ignore startup and backup replication states in service streaming_delta
  • many fixes

Here are some useful links:

Thanks to all the contributors!