29th September 2022: PostgreSQL 15 RC 1 Released!

Realese PoWA v3.1.1

Posted on 2017-09-20 by Dalibo

PoWA is a PostgreSQL extension that analyses charges (similar to AWR on Oracle). PoWA collects and stocks your bases’ data usage and enables to compare requests with used ressources.


Fix unsafe coding with sighup handler (Andreas Seltenreich, Julien
Make sure we wait at least powa.frequency between two snapshot (Marc Cousin
and Julien Rouhaud)
Fix win32 portability of compute_powa_frequeny() (Julien Rouhaud)
Don't try to read dbentry->tables if it's NULL (Julien Rouhaud)
Fix compilation for platform with HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME (Julien Rouhaud,
reported by Maxence Ahlouche)


Add pg10 Compatibility (Julien Rouhaud)
Only execute once the powa_stat functions (Julien Rouhaud)

To report an issue, please use the bug tracking system in the github project page: https://github.com/dalibo/powa