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Rdbhost adds PL/pgSQL to web-service

Posted on 2010-03-10

Rdbhost provides SQL databases via a web-service, using the Postgresql database engine.

We have now added the server-hosted programming language PL/pgSQL to the service. The benefits of this addition include:

1) Conditional execution of SQL on the server means the same results can often be accomplished in fewer requests to the server than with straight SQL and conditional evaluation on the client. When each request has a 200 ms overhead, this is important.

2) Some computational burden can be moved from the client to the server.

3) Functions, stored procedures, and triggers are all more capable in PL/pgSQL than straight SQL.

PL/pgSQL is enabled by default in new accounts, and can be enabled or disabled through the profile page for any account.

For those unfamiliar with Rdbhost, we are at http://www.rdbhost.com , providing databases accessible via http requests; client databases are directly accessible through AJAX requests and via a Python DB API 2 module and Python ORMs. Databases can be reached from Google Appengine or any web host.


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