RapidRows 1.0 released

Posted on 2022-10-05 by RapidLoop, Inc.
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We are happy to announce the general availability of RapidRows -- an open-source, low-code API server designed for PostgreSQL that can be configured to run SQL queries, perform scheduled jobs and forward PostgreSQL notifications to websockets.

By writing just one OpenAPI-like JSON or YAML configuration file, you can stand up an API backend server that can run SQL queries, scheduled jobs and more:

  • Run SQL statements or JavaScript code in response to URI endpoints
  • Return JSON or CSV results
  • Forward PostgreSQL notifications over channels into WebSockets and Server Sent Events
  • Run SQL statements or JavaScript code as scheduled jobs
  • Use JavaScript to write code for custom input validation, tweaking query results and more
  • Configure parameter validation, transaction options, query timeouts, server-side caching, CORS, debug flags and more
  • Designed for PostgreSQL: Built-in connection pooler, support for simple/extended query protocol, transaction options

RapidRows is a single binary command-line tool with no dependencies, no extensions to install, configure everything with a single JSON or YAML file.

For more information, see rapidrows.io.

RapidRows is brought to you by RapidLoop, the makers of pgDash.

Best, -Mahadevan