Pyrseas 0.10.0 is now available

Posted on 2022-11-14 by Perseas
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Pyrseas 0.10, utilities for versioning Postgres database schemas, has been released. Release 0.10.0 is available from:

Updated documentation is viewable at: Read the Docs.

The main aim of this release was converting to Psycopg 3. Thanks to Daniele Varrazzo for his assistance. In addition, we have removed the depedency on pgdbconn and no longer support Python 2.x. Postgres releases from PG 10 to PG 15 are supported.

I'd like to thank those who contributed code, discussions on issues or otherwise helped to make this release possible, and also to those users who patiently waited for this release to come forth.

Best regards,

Joe Abbate