Psycopg 3.2 released

Posted on 2024-07-01 by Psycopg Development Team
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After 846 commits and close to two years in the making, we are very happy to announce the release of Psycopg 3.2!

This release adds several new features to the Psycopg 3 line, some of which are:

  • support for Numpy scalar types
  • easier to use notifications reception
  • the possibility to run queries with PostgreSQL-format parameters
  • a row factory to return a scalar from a query
  • asynchronous, encrypted cancellations
  • support for the many new features added in the upcoming PostgreSQL v17
  • OpenSSL 3.x bundled with binary packages

A few bug bug fixes are included too, which have also been independently released in the 3.1.20 package. Given the high level of compatibility between 3.1 and 3.2, this could be the last release of the 3.1 line.

For further details please check out:

Please note that several new features in the 3.2 release require libpq v17, but, because PostgreSQL version 17 has not been released yet, they are not immediately available in the binary packages. In order to use these features you will need a development version of libpq 17 on your system and to use the Python or C source distribution. New packages bundling libpq v17 will be released as soon as the official PostgreSQL 17 has been released.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the project, especially to Denis Laxalde from Dalibo, indefatigable libpq explorer and always available to solve challenging problems!

Psycopg, first v2, now v3, is the de-facto standard for the communication between Python and PostgreSQL, two major components of innumerable businesses and mission-critical infrastructures. Maintaining such a critical library to the highest standard of reliability, completeness, performance requires a lot of care and work.

If you are a Python and PostgreSQL user and would like to make sure that the interface between the two is well maintained and continuously improved, please consider supporting the project and to be one of our sponsors 💜

Happy hacking!

-- Daniele