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psqlODBC 07.03.0200 Released

Posted on 2003-10-23

I'm happy to announce the release of psqlODBC 07.03.0200, the lastest version of the official PostgreSQL ODBC driver.

Project Homepage: http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/psqlodbc/projdisplay.php

Downloads: http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/psqlodbc/genpage.php?downloads

This version includes the following changes:

  • Fix a memory leak in case of updatable KEYSET_DRIVEN cursors.

  • Change SQLMoreResults to initialize the cursor position.

  • Hopefully, SQLDescribeCol() returns a more appropriate error code(SQLSTATE).

  • Correct the return info for SQLGetInfo(.., SQL_CURSOR_COMMIT (ROLLBACK)_BEHAVIOR) call.

  • Explictly reject the SQLBrowseConnect call.

  • Serialize the connection use for communication(multi-thread).

  • Let escape strings case-insensitive.

  • Fix a bug when handling data_at_execution parameter array reported by Jol Valentine .

  • Fix a bug on SQLSetStmtAttr(.., SQL_CONCURRENCY) reported by Shachar Shemesh.

  • Apply a patch to changes the storage type of the debug "func" variables to be stored in the constant area of the program(Shachar Shemesh).

  • Correct the column size in case of bytea as LO.

  • Distinguish the rowset size for SQLFetch(Scroll) from that for SQLExtendedFetch.

  • Implement SQLGetDiagFieldW() for the Unicode driver.

  • Improve SQLGetDiagField so that an MFC appliaction reports error messages properly(bug report from Silvio Scarpati).

  • Add quotes around table names to use ::regclass in parse.c .

  • Change SQLGetFunctions to contain ODBC3 APIs.

  • Improve the SQL_C_VARBOOKMARK type handling.

  • Cleanup copy_and_convert_field() a little.

  • Set an error number and an error message for SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_DESC).

  • Fix a bug about a bookmark handling in SQLBulkOperaitons(SQL_ADD,..)

  • Remove date cast(::date) from the conversion of {d escape before 7.3 servers. 7.2 servers are poor in implicit cast from date -> timestamp without time zone.

  • Corrent the handling of bookmark in SQLBulkOperations.

  • Correct the calculation of a global index in SC_pos_add.

  • Cleanup global/rowset/resultset index handling a little.

  • Correct a handling of offset in SQLBulkOperations.

  • Fix a crash bug in SQLDriverConnect().

  • Revert a *int8 as* DSN option to *numeric* for MS Jet.

  • Add a SQL_CA2_SENSITIVITY_ADDTIONS mask to the reply for SQLGetInfo(.., SQL_ATTR_KEYSET_DRIVEN_CURSOR_ATTRIBUTES2) which would make a little OpenOffice happy.

  • Fix a bug in SQLGetInfo(.., SQL_ATTR_ROW_NUMBER) for keyset_driven cursors.

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