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psqlODBC 07.03.0100 Released

Posted on 2003-05-18

I'm pleased to announce the long awaited new version of psqlODBC. This release represents a major change in the packaging and distribution of psqlODBC. In particular the following points should be noted:

1) The build number will now be used to indicate both the release number (first 2 digits), and snapshot build number (last 2 digits). this release is 0100, or release 1, snapshot 0. The first development snapshot will become 0101, the second 0102 and so on. The next official release should be 07.03.0200.

2) With this release, the ODBC 3 driver is now the default. The filenames, driver names and their capabilities are as follows:

psqlodbc.dll PostgreSQL ODBC3.0 Level driver

psqlodbc25.dll PostgreSQL Legacy ODBC2.5 Level driver

psqlodbc30w.dll PostgreSQL Unicode (Beta) Beta quality ODBC3.0 level driver with Unicode support

3) The 3 drivers are no longer self contained. psqlodbc.dll is used as the setup dll for all three drivers, hence no matter how you redistribute or install the drivers, you should always include this file.

In addition, this driver fixes an annoying problem with recent builds of PostgreSQL on Redhat systems that have a particularly long compiler version string that caused a buffer overflow resulting in a GPF on Windows upon connection to the database.

The driver is released under the LGPL, and can be downloaded from the Downloads page on the website at GBorg

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