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psqlODBC 07.02.0004 Released

Posted on 2002-11-08

A new build (07.02.0004) of the psqlODBC driver has been uploaded to http://odbc.postgresql.org/.

Changes in this release include:

2002 Oct 10

1) Change SQLDescribeCol or SQLColAttribute to return right

ResultNumCols for keyset/static cursors(bug report from


2) Change PG_TYPE_TEXT -> PG_TYPE_VARCHAR for character columns

of the result of catalog functions (bug report from Mike Mascari).

2002 Oct 16

Change updatable cursors for 'select func()' to not return

an error(just changing the cursor to be read-only) per bug

report from Keisaku Sasaki.

2002 Oct 16

Added Unix build environment as supplied by Peter Eisentraut.

2002 Oct 21

1) Change SQLExtendedFetch to return SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND not SQL_ERROR

for non-select cursors per bug(?) report from Gabor.

2) Handle the CURS_IN_ROWSET flag properly when the 5th parameter

of SQLExtendedFetch is NULL per bug report from Janet Borschowa.

2002 Oct 24

Add multithreading on Solaris and Linux as supplied by

Janet Borschowa .

2002 Oct 30

1) Change SQLParamOptions to count errors as processed rows

per bug report from Barry Cohen.

2) Fix a bug about date/time escape string per bug report

from Janet BorSchowa.

2002 Nov 05

1) Improve the handling of dead connections mainly for connection

pooling(Bug report from Robert John Shepherd).

2) Change to not abort on erros(e.g. invalid client_encoding) during

CC_send_settings() (bug report from sunjune@intizen.com).

2002 Nov 06

Use thread-safe functions(xxxx_r) if possible.

2002 Nov 07

Thread safe driver is available on some platforms.

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