PostgreSQL PHP Generator 15.12 released

Posted on 2015-12-16 by SQL Maestro Group

SQL Maestro Group announces the release of PostgreSQL PHP Generator 15.12, a powerful GUI frontend for Windows that allows you to generate feature-rich CRUD web applications for your PostgreSQL database.

The new version is immediately available at

Online demo:

Top 15 new features:

  1. New modern look and feel.
  2. 100% responsive design.
  3. PHP 7 support.
  4. Top side drop-down menus.
  5. Enhanced Filter Builder.
  6. Multi-column sorting.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts.
  8. A number of new and updated controls.
  9. 18 color themes.
  10. Font-based icons.
  11. Event management enhancements.
  12. Less preprocessor syntax for user-defined styles.
  13. HTML filter.
  14. New and updated data access drivers.
  15. PHP Generator UI improvements.

There are also some other useful things. Full press release is available at the SQL Maestro Group website.