PostgreSQL Native OLEDB Provider (PGNP) 1.3.0 32/64-bit released!

Posted on 2009-10-26

New version of OLEDB provider for PostgreSQL database includes following features and enhancements:

  1. Ability to work with multiple databases via single Linked Server connection.

  2. Support for SSL and SSPI.

  3. Support for arrays.

  4. Enhanced expression types evaluator.

  5. Support for nested transactions.

  6. Support for distributed transactions (DTC enlistment).

  7. New profiler application.

  8. Optimizations for insertion of large amounts of data into database.

  9. Support for Command Timeout.

  10. Redesigned "Data Link Properties" pages for easier configuration of connection string.

The profiler application is needed for various reasons. Among them:

1) Developer and DB administrator want to see which commands are sent to OLEDB Provider and what statements the Provider is sending to the Postgres server.

2) The timing information can be used to identify statements for optimization.

3) No permissions/rights are necessary to monitor Postgres server log. Local and remote hosts can be monitored by the Profiler (only for applications that use the PGNP Provider).

Some enhancements in PGNP Provider are related to support of very large databases using PostgreSQL server cursors. New code was written to support Linked Servers' work with tables containing millions of rows and to support COPY-based bulk import into databases.



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