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PostgreSQL Maestro 8.3 released

Posted on 2008-04-02

SQL Maestro Group announces the release of PostgreSQL Maestro 8.3, a powerful Windows GUI solution for PostgreSQL server administration and database development.

The new version is immediately available at

PostgreSQL Maestro home page.

New features:

  1. PL/pgSQL Debugger has been implemented.

  2. The Quick Connect mode has been added (to skip metadata refreshing on connect).

  3. A French localization is now included into the installation package.

  4. This version of PostgreSQL Maestro is fully compatible with large fonts (120 DPI).

  5. SQL Editor: query management has been significantly improved.

  6. New options for Data Grid and SQL Script Editor.

  7. Create Database Wizard, Create Profiles Wizard, and object creation wizards become resizable.

There are also some other useful things. Full press release is available at the SQL Maestro Group website.

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